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Eyelet Faux Silk Fully Lined Thermal Curtains – Gold




In Gold Faux Silk jacquard eyelet curtains, Pelmets or decorations are of three strings that are threaded together constitutes to the Eyelet style of curtains. Eyelet Faux Silk Fully Lined Thermal Curtains style is indeed the best among the rest.

Features of Beige faux Silk Jacquard Eyelet Curtains :

    • It adds value and makes the place more attractive and elegant.
    • Faux Silk is latest designed jacquard fabric that is woven and not printed.
    • Easy and calm colors make the stay of these curtains on the windows more subtle, long lasting and durable.
    • Lining of the curtain is finished with microfiber. Also, the luxurious style of the faux silk makes it a simple go at the first glance.
    • Eyelet curtains with the header are gorgeous and most exalting in nature


  • Size: Two sizes are available which are: 66 x 72 inches and 90 x 90 inches.
  • Pattern and design: Conventional damask is what we have in the store.
  • Color: There is an array of colors that suffice the sense of sight.
  • Washing instructions: It can be washed in the machine as well as with hands.
  • Quality: 220 G.S.M Jacquard & faux Silk Thread count 300 reverse microfiber fully lined.
  • Included: One pair of Curtains ( 2 Panels) with two matching free tie backs.

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66'' x 72'', 90'' x 90''


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